We specialize in evaluating your space to determine the best plants and containers for the space, lighting, and design aesthetic.

  • Complimentary collaborative consultation
  • Commercial, residential & public spaces
  • Aligned with your space & budget
  • Traditional or contemporary containers


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help eliminate any concern in your caring for your plants on a weekly basis.

  • Watering, trimming, fertilizing & cleaning
  • Experienced local technicians
  • Friendly, efficient & discreet staff
  • Scheduled visits to meet your schedule
the plant lady


We promise to do everything in our power to enhance your space and make your environment more harmonious and enriching. We have a passion for healthy plants and strongly believe in their health benefits. The Plant Lady always strives to please the client while being inspiring and environmentally friendly.

Washington State University studies conclude that test subjects had reduced systolic blood pressure & 12% quicker reaction time when plants were present. Plants bring life and energy or peace and calming. to your space. Many varieties provide air cleaning qualities that remove toxins such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, and Nitrogen dioxide (often prevalent in new building materials).

“She not only kept my plants alive and my home green, but she became a great friend in the process. The Plant Lady business is very professional and always goes above and beyond what is needed to satisfy clients. There isn’t another company in Bozeman that I would recommend as highly as The Plant Lady.”

~ Satisfied Customer