The dracaena family does well in Montana in low to medium light. The leaves will show dry tips if they are under-watered and will often show spots on their leaves when they are over-watered. The Arboricola, otherwise known as the Umbrella Tree or Schefflara is one of the easier plants to take care of in Montana. The sanseverias and zzs are quite popular these days, because they do well with minimal water.

Crotons and palms often become infested with spider mite. Spider mites will create a discoloration on the top side and underside of the leaves. They will also create a microscopic spider web from leaf to leaf when well established. Weekly water misting on both the top and underside of the leaves will help drown them if present and will help prevent eggs from developing.

Due to the low humidity levels in Montana, it is more challenging to maintain palms, ferns and calathea. Weekly water misting is advised for these varieties. A great location for these varieties is a bathroom where they get steam from a shower or bath tub. Another helpful tip is to place the pot on top of a tray of rocks and water. The water in the tray will evaporate and create humidity for the plant.